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[Sticky] DZnews v1.0.0.0 Released

Jason Chappell
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Some readers may remember that a few weeks back I wrote a post mentioning that I was forking the Newsup theme by Themeansar, as for this very website I had made so many changes to that theme that it was no longer compatible with future updates to the Newsup theme.

Well, the DZnews theme, the fork I have made, is now released. This is version, and is compatible with WordPress 5.8.

This is the initial release, and there is still some work to be done. It is fully functioning, and works great, but I will be releasing updates to fix some known issues, and implement some additional features.

Known Issues

  • Importing the built in Themeansar demo content does not work. The demo content import option will be removed in the next release.
    • Attempting to import this demo content results in an error. It will not break your website… it just won’t import the demo content. Creating your own content still works perfectly, so this does not make the theme unusable.
  • Currently, the theme is using two different text domains, “dznews” and “DZnews”. This issue was also present in the theme it was forked from, as it used both “Newsup” and “newsup”. This will be fixed in a future release.
    • This does not prevent the theme from functioning in any way. It just makes translating the theme into other languages more difficult.
  • Theme credits in the footer are currently hard-coded. This will be changed to class/variable based in a future release.
    • They still render and display fine. This is not high priority at the current time.

To Do

  • Currently, the option to upgrade to pro is commented out, as this is a holdover from the theme it was forked from. I have no plans on selling a pro version of this theme, and want it to be entirely free. All “pro” features will be implemented and moved over to the free side in a future release, at which time the “pro” code will be completely removed.
    • There is no way to unlock the pro features in this release, short of those that use the theme manually unlocking them through editing the code themselves, as I am not running an activation or authentication server for the theme.
  • Both the static image and widget based header ads are in the code currently. I would highly recommend using the widget based header ads, as this allows you to use a full advertising service, such as Google Adsense. Legacy static header ad code will be completely removed in a future release, as it has been deprecated and replaced by the Widget based header ads.

I have also submitted the theme to the theme directory at However, I am still waiting for it to be approved. If you would like to download, and use it before it is approved on, you can do so using the download link below. This theme is released under the GPL v3 License.